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I'm also on two other sites, FanFiction.Net, with the same user name as here, and HarryPotterFanFiction with the name 'And you Thought Luna was Loony.' I only have one story on HPFF, and it's also on FF.Net, but you can look on my faves if you want. My page on FF.Net is mostly Bleach and Naruto. Much like here. :) I've got one Harry Potter, an old one, and two Bleach, but I'm currently working on a bunch for Naruto! :)

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Okay, this is something that I'm writing because I am so sick and tired of people getting Kushina's story wrong. If you are a Kushina fan, please read this. I have put stars around the solid facts. The rest is well educated guesses. (I'm not trying to sound pompous, but my educated guesses are pretty accurate, and that's the truth of it.) I know it's a bit long, and I don't sound in eh best of moods right now, but please read all the way through.

Before I start, I would like to say that I understand that some fanfics about Kushina were written before we knew the whole story and if that was the case, then I understand the mistakes. But I have read so many recent fanfics that are wrong. I will be addressing some mistakes that I have come across fairly commonly.

First of all, The Move to Konoha: *Kushina said that she did not know why she had to move away from Whirlpool. If her village had been destroyed as she left, then she would think that was the reason. Therefore, she is NOT a refugee, stop calling her one. The Eddy villages and her clan were attacked sometime afterwards.*

*There is also never any mention of Kushina's family*, and it's quite heavily implied that she moved to Konoha by herself. (Again, there would not be any others with her, because, why would they move? She is not a refugee.)

Secondly, the Kidnapping: Due to obvious drawings, *the kidnapping took place AFTER Kushina and Minato became ninja, but while they were still young*, around thirteen. Look at the pictures; they look like adults to you?

Also, *this kidnapping took place AFTER Kushina became the Kyuubi vessel*. I know that when we first find out about the kidnapping, it's implied that the Cloud just wanted her for her Chakra, but in later chapters, it's revealed otherwise. In a fight with Minato, a *Cloud-nin says that he single handily stopped Cloud from possessing the Nine-tails. Therefore, Kushina must have already had the Kyuubi sealed inside her.*

Okay, I know that we all want Kushina to be cool and strong and brilliant, and she is, but she stated that *it was Minato that saved her.* Don't make her overcome all her imprisoners, it didn't happen.
Thirdly, her speech: *Kushina had a tendency, much like Naruto's, to add the nonsensical phrase 'dattabyne' ('-tabyne') to the end of some of her sentences.* I would like to point out that *she did NOT add it to the end of EVERY sentence*, so stop making her say it all the time. *She only said it when she was worked up/excited/angry/flustered/ect.* Does Naruto say 'dattebyo' after every sentence? No, he doesn't and neither did his mother.

*NOTE: Both of the nonsensical phrases are just that, they have no meaning. They are gibberish. That is why they have so many different translations, such as 'y'know' of overuse of the word 'like' and even, (stupidly in the American dubbed) 'believe it!' in Naruto's case.* When writing, try and think of the characters are in that worked up/excited/angry/flustered/etc. mood, because that is when they would say these things, but don't use them because whatever you're substituting (if you feel the need) the phrases for sounds cool with the sentence.

Fourthly, her relationships with others in the story: Kushina was the wife of the Hokage, a powerful Kunoichi, the Kyuubi vessel, and a mum. She is going to know a lot of people. Obviously, we don't know anything about who her friends are, so made things up as you please, but I would like to draw focus to a few things.

First of all, it was stated that *Kushina and Minato were married.* It doesn't say when, so do what you please, but that part is true. As well as *she being in love with him after he rescued her*, so stop making her ignore him after wards.

*Tsunade did say that Kushina was a tomboy when she was young, but she grew into a wonderful woman.* This shows that they knew each other quite well, probably introduced by Mito. (Look through my early Naruto faves to find a great picture!) Tsunade possibly made quite a feature in her life, not to mention with another of the Sannin being the teacher and friend of Kushina's husband.

*Mito, was the previous vessel, and a clansmen of Kushina*, so she would have had an influence on the first few months of living in Konoha until her death and the transferring of the Kyuubi. (The Third Hokage may have had a, while smaller, similar part like this.)

*Kushina had a friendship with Mikoto*, Sasuke's mother, that's proven. We don't know why they are, when they became, or how close of friends they are, but that part is true. Kushina's age when having Naruto is about 23-24 years old by following the cannon timeline, and seeing that Mikoto already had a five year old son at this point, it's logical that she may be a bit older. I'm not saying that that is certain, but my theory is that Fugaku would not have married a low ranking ninja for the sakes of the clan, and seeing that Uchiha's were elites, Mikoto must have been a Jounin. It is quite possible that Kushina and Mikoto met in school, and are the same age, and Fugaku could be older, because the head of the clan is unlikely to have a baby at 18, even if his wife was that age. Of course that is just my theory. Feel free to make your own on this part. Also, the friendship between their wives does not mean that Minato and Fugaku were best friends. (They could have been, but think about the such different personalities, and the fact that Fugaku wanted to take over the village.)

*Jiraya knew Kushina* quite well also. In one chapter, it's said that he forgot her name, despite the fact that they seemed comfortable around each other in his flashback. I think that he was only pretending to be off-handed about the girl no one ever spoke about, but feel free to make your own theories.

*After that, we don't know anything about her relationships*. It's safe to say that she would know quite a fair few of people. Definitely, *she would have known Kakashi (and Rin and Obito)* in some way, especially after he became a Jounin. Don't be put off by the fact he doesn't speak of her, but when does he ever speak of anyone. It's possible that she would have known Asuma in passing through him as well at the Third. She could have had students, just remember that we have heard nothing about them, and if she did and they were still alive, they probably would have shown up by now.

*NOTE* When writing about her, try not to fall into the trap of all the parents of Naruto's friends being her friends. Some of them may have been best friends, or acquaintances, or strangers. *Generations don't work so that everybody have babies, at the same time at the same age.* Remember though, her husband was the Hokage, and she probably would know a lot of people. But however, if you want to include similar abilities to our generations', remember that a lot of them are from clans, and there is nothing stopping you from using clansman or other relatives if you don't want to use parents.

(That wasn't a collection of facts, I just wanted to made that clear, it's been bugging me for years.  )

Finally, her abilities: we don't know what her rank was, or what her abilities, that why this part isn't a bit point. However there are a few things.

It's highly probable that she was a Jounin. There's no argument against it, but she can just an elite Chuunin if you want.

Also, her clan was famous of its seals, and it's been said that *Kushina was a seal master*, so include that somewhere.

*Kushina admitted that she wasn't very good at ninjutsu*, like Naruto (probably due to the Kyuubi).

It's also been said that *she had an unpredictable fighting style, much like Naruto's style, only interspersed with Fuinjutsu* (seals).

But let's not ever forget *the Chakra Chains. We don't know if that was an Uzumaki thing or a Kushina thing, but she could do it*, so do with it what you will. But please look on Narutopeadia before using them. There's two very simple aspects, and it will only take thirty seconds to read the small pages, after that, you can expand on them if you want to but just know what she definitely can do.

If you look at these things, (you can also look on Narutopeadia for it), they are not story constricting at all, there is still tons that you can write while still being accurate. If you have written something, and then a fact you have included to make to story work is wrong, then half the story if ruined by default, no matter how well it's written.

Other Kushina fans, please repost this, even if it is temporary, I'm sick of all the bad fanfics, and I want the word to be spread. I'm sorry that my nit-picky side had come through but these are things that have been going around in my head for too long.

I'm sure you all think that I'm a total cow now, but you are welcome to argue with me if you find a reason, and we can start a discussion. I'm very certain in my views. You're also welcome to ask questions.

(PS. Does anyone know how to get Bold font on here?)

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